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1. MDC is composed of suction device, filter cartridge, ash cleaning system and fan.
2. the fan provides power source for MDC. Under the action of the fan, the dusty gas enters and enters MDC through the air inlet.
3. Under the filtering action of the filter, dust is intercepted in the outside of the filter, and clean air is discharged from the inside of the filter and discharged to the outside of MDC.
4. After a long period of work, the filter cylinder accumulates a large amount of dust. At this time, the ash removal system begins to work, and high-pressure gas is ejected for ash removal.
5. Dust is blown down by high pressure gas and collected only by grey drawer for centralized collection.
Perfect industrial design, modular assembly, compact structure, small volume and large energy.
1, single machine can be used, or multiple modules can be assembled and used.
2, convenient transportation and installation;
3. It can be used with accessories such as work shed.
4, each module is an independent system, and the installation of multiple modules can be controlled uniformly.
The imported brand high efficiency fan has low power consumption, large air volume and low noise.
1, 5.5KW air volume can reach 9000CMH;            
2, the noise is below 76dB;            
3, CFD simulated operation to narrow the gap between design and actual performance.
High performance filter cartridge ensures high filtration efficiency and service life.
1, nano filter material, while ensuring the filtration effect, also takes into account the permeability.
2. High efficiency filtration can meet the needs of indoor emission standards.
Through the simulation of gas flow, the layout of the flow field is optimized to ensure the capture effect.
1. There is no eddy current and gas flow in the control area.            
2, the scope of capture is large, the same air volume, good capture effect;
With the pulse ash cleaning system, the working resistance can be effectively reduced.
1. High efficiency pulse electromagnetic valve ensures 1 million life.
2. Special design induces venturi to effectively enhance the injection effect.DUST COLLECTOR

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