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Hello everyone, the Events Team have been planning a nation building showcase event which will start August 9th going through the 22nd of August - which is two weeks.

Players can enter the competition in teams or solo. After the contest ends, you will need to make an appointment with the judges and show them around the build - Myself (Jake/Sylvaeseel) and 70PercentDeath/Honor will be the judges of this competition.

  Judging will take place from the 23rd to the 25th of August. During the judging tour we will ask questions about the build, including the amount of time spent working on it, and the inspiration for the build.

After the first round of judging has been completed, the list of builds will be whittled down to a list of Finalists. The Finalists will then be rejudged and a winner will be chosen. All Finalists will receive a prize, however only the winner will receive the top prize, which will include unobtainable items such as custom enchanted swords. Finalists will also get their NPC placed in spawn.

You can also let us know on this thread if you plan on submitting anything.
Nakhbeta will be planning on submitting some builds for judging.
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