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. 18 (Xinhua) -- Followin

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d I highlight them o

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  lly important
Posted by: tujue - Yesterday, 08:37 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

BEIJING, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- China strongly objects to the recent meeting between European Parliament leaders and the Dalai Lama, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Monday.

It was reported that European Parliament President Martin Schulz and Elmar Brok, chairman of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, met with the Dalai Lama on Sept. 15 despite strong opposition from the Chinese side.

"They have broken the promises the EU made to China on Tibet," spokesperson Lu Kang told a press conference.

Tibet issues are core interests of China, Lu said, stressing that the Chinese government is firmly against separatism.

China opposes the Dalai Lama's visits in any name or capacity to any country or organization to engage in separatist activities, Lu said. China is also opposed to any contact between the Dalai Lama and officials from any country or organization.

China-EU ties are at a new stage, and relations between the parliaments are sound, but the meeting between the European Parliament's leaders and the Dalai Lama harms China's core interests and the political foundation of inter-parliamentary communication, Lu said.

China demands that the EU side take measures to nullify the negative effects of the meeting, the spokesperson said.
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The treatment of wastewater can result in a variety of unwanted and hazardous gases, such as H2S and SO2. As the application specialists, Buffalo Blower has the expertise needed to supply the proper air moving equipment that is specifically designed for resisting the corrosive nature of these compounds. In other pollution control systems, our fans are installed on the clean side, which offer a higher efficiency design for moving gases into a scrubber or other device. One of the major challenges in wastewater and sewage treatment plants is controlling the odors that are emitted. These plants are often located in residential areas and forced to adhere to strict codes and regulations. These odors are caused by gases such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. To reduce odor emissions a variety of systems have been found effective, such as thermal oxidation, chemical scrubbers and biofilters. The fan requirements in these processes are similar in that they require special alloys, coatings or fiberglass construction.

Through decomposition, landfills produce syngas, a combination of methane carbon monoxide, and other hazardous gases. To avoid dangerously high levels of these gases, forced draft fans are used to drive fresh air into the landfill mass. Induced draft fans are also used for pulling noxious gases out of the landfill for safe disposal or for collecting them as a fuel source. The fans used in these applications often require special materials or coatings along with spark resistant construction. Depending on your specific needs, Twin City Fan will work with you to select the proper air moving equipment.

High volume, low concentration or non-condensable gases refers to gases that are in concentrations below their explosion limit. These gases are drawn through an induced draft fan and then processed with a RTO (regenerative thermal oxidizer) or incinerator that ultimately burns the gases for safe disposal. HVLC gases are often corrosive and at elevated temperatures, that is why we provide a number of fans that are corrosion resistant. In addition, we offer leak-tight construction to avoid emitting these toxic, flammable gases into the environment. In the case that these gases are above their explosion limit, Buffalo Blower supplies a full line of non-sparking fans that allow for the safe movement of hazardous gases. Based on your specific requirements, our fans can be constructed with aluminum and monel materials.

In a manufacturing environment, vacuum systems are used to move and transport waste material. Sawdust, metal shavings, and other waste is easily transported away from work areas to a specified collection point for simplified clean up and removal. Vacuum systems are also used to provide suction for the manipulation of components, various materials and forming processes. These systems usually consist of long runs of relatively small diameter pipe or ducting. This results in the need for high pressure low flow fans.

Boilers are used in a variety of industries for producing heat and energy. Many boiler applications will burn fuel readily available on site, such a byproduct from the given process. An example of this is Bagasse, which is a fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane is processed to extract their juices. The bagasse is a biofuel used for many boiler applications. Fans in boiler applications are forced draft, induced draft, over fire air and combustion air.

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  passenger airc
Posted by: tujue - Yesterday, 08:21 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

SHANGHAI Cheap Bruno Caboclo Jersey , Nov. 11 (Xinhua) -- At just three minutes past midnight on Saturday, China's Singles' Day, sales on TMall hit 10 billion yuan (about 1.5 billion U.S. dollars).

In 2016, the volume was achieved in six minutes and 58 seconds, according to Alibaba, owner of TMall.

Known as China's Single's Day, November 11 has become an online shopping spree since 2009 when Alibaba's Tmall made its first online sales promotion. And now it is on par with "Black Friday," when most U.S. retailers online or offline offer promotions.

Kevin Shepard from the United States was not a fan of online shopping until he came to China.

"It' s not only cheaper here, but the convenience and quick shipping are hard to beat," he said.

Tom Moody from the United Kingdom planned to buy a home audio system. He uses TMall and JD apps.

"Sales in the West can sometimes be a by-word for buying the items that were left in stock and nobody else wanted, but China's 'double 11' is increasingly breaking that mold," he said.

"It might be better described as a shopping festival where people plan for a 'lifestyle upgrade'," according to Moody.

The company where Tom works, Dyson China, also participated in the event. Several popular Dyson products were offered attractive discounts on Tmall.

"Double 11" is not only online in China, but is now cross-border and in brick-and-mortar stores. Department stores at Xujiahui in Shanghai also offered "double 11" deals on Saturday. Companies such as Amazon and Carrefour offered discounts and services on the day.

While Amazon upgraded its delivery service, Carrefour China extended its business hours allowing customers to shop with the same discounts as on Carrefour's mobile app.

According to Alibaba, as of 1 a.m. Saturday, transactions had been made in 201 countries and regions, including Japan, the United States, Australia, Germany and the Republic of Korea.

"This year, we have over one million retailers worldwide who registered both online and offline stores; we have targeted 52 core commercial areas globally and we ran 30,000 service centers in rural areas of China to provide quality products to consumers there," said Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba.

The industry expansion involves not only retailers, consumers and logistics but also industrial engineers, designers, farmers and production managers, he said.

The new consumption trend and technological revolution are changing the lives of every one on the globe, he added.

by Ye Zaiqi, Wu Xiaolin

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) -- The Boeing Company highly welcomes China to compete as a new player on international aviation market in the next 20 years, which envisages a huge demand for more than 40,000 passenger aircraft across the world, John Bruns, president of Boeing China, said in a written interview with Xinhua Monday.

According to a Boeing forecast for the next two decades of global market, the colossal demand for commercial planes provides sufficient room for new comers to step in for competition, and Boeing will become stronger under the pressure of new competition, which will encourage Boeing to keep its leadership in the aviation industry, Bruns said.

Talking about the fact that the aviation industry of China has achieved considerable progress in recent years and China has successfully produced its own type-C919 passenger aircraft for its domestic market, Bruns said that it's natural for Boeing to see China has progressed to such a stage of development that it demonstrated its willingness and ambition to be engaged in the global market of civilian airplanes.

Boeing has forged a profound and solid relationship with China's aviation industry and the Chinese government over the past 45 years since it entered China 1972, when the historical visit by former U.S. President Richard Nixon to Beijing opened a window for Boeing aircraft to find a place in this market, Bruns said.

Now China has become the largest market of the world civil aviation industry, he said, adding that Boeing and China have grown as very close friends during this process. The two sides have maintained satisfactory communication and understanding, which resulted in a mutually beneficial partnership that will push both sides to seek common development, said Bruns.

Media reports said Kevin McAllister, president and chief executive officer of the Boeing Commercial Airplanes, a division of the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, is among the high-profile CEOs from 29 American firms that are traveling with U.S. President Donald Trump, who is on an 12-day Asia trip that includes a state visit to China from Nov. 8 to Nov. 10.

Bruns said Boeing has entered its 101st years of development, and it has been engaged with China for at least half of the past years in history.

China will become an indispensable part of Boeing in the next 100 years, and Boeing would not be able to expand and succeed without its continuously deepening and far-reaching partnership with China in the coming 100 years, Bruns said.

According to Boeing's 2017 China Current Market Outlook, China will need to purchase more than 7,240 new airplanes valued at 1.1 trillion U.S. dollars over the next 20 years, he said.

China has a component role on every current Boeing commercial airplane model, including the world's most technologically advanced airplane, the 787 Dreamliner, and more than 9,000 Boeing airplanes fly throughout the world with integrated China-built parts and assemblies, Bruns said.

Boeing is the largest client of China in the aviation manufacturing sector, he said, and as far as Boeing is concerned, the greatest challenge for Boeing in the near future is how to satisfy and even outgrow the needs of its Chinese customers for better and qualified Boeing products and services.

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  2 months, setting your business
Posted by: tujue - Yesterday, 08:05 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

There are a lot of different ways to make money with sports Donnel Pumphrey Color Rush Jersey , and most of it is not made by playing the game. Sure the players and coaches can make serious money, but the chances of you becoming a coach at this point could be a bit difficult unless you’re already in the system. Becoming a player is also difficult, and not likely, so where can you make money with sports? If you said betting, you are dead accurate with the opportunity to make serous money. Millions of people are putting money on their favorite teams and losing, while others are reflecting on the stats, listening to analysts, and looking for any dirt they can pull up on players to see who’s going to drop 30 points on an opponent and who’s going to foul out and leave their team hanging when they need back up most. It’s savvy gamblers that end up making a lot of money betting basketball and you can too, if you try.

If you’re not exactly savvy or you’re just not sure how to make money gambling, that’s ok. You will need to first at least like the sport of basketball. If you don’t have a diehard passion for it, that’s ok, you just need to at least be a casual fan. Without at least a little bit of momentum behind you, don’t expect to win anything. If you are a fan and can stand watching the games on a regular basis, you are ready to start learning how to win through betting on games.

The main focus that you will need to put your trust into is information. Information about teams, their coaches, the wins, the losses, and the personal lives of the players that are publicized through a variety of websites online, those will be your main focus. Without them, you will not be able to make educated decisions on matchups.

Once you’ve established a good amount of information, you will be able to look at team matchups for the evening and decide on the winner based solely on numbers, and hunches. Look for hot streaks from players, and look for cold streaks, you’ll see them happen often, and even the best players in the game go through them. Capitalize on them and make money, otherwise you’ll end up missing the boat.

Betting basketball tips are a dime a dozen, but there is one tried and true tip that you can take with you no matter how much money you put down, and that’s to treat the gambling world as a business. In business, you do homework, you size up competition, you spend time investing in the process of marketing etc. The same thing can be said about professional gamblers, investing time into research and analytics will lead you to a lot of money, but remember, take a short cut and lose big money. Keep that in mind and you should be well on your way in no time. Business Transformations - Why You May Like One
Posted by Timjs on September 14th, 2018

Can you take 3 months off from your business, travel international and not have a worry in the world?

Sound like a 'pipe-dream'?

it would to most business owners. Its just not a possible reality, but that's not important. What's important is, would you like that to be a reality in your life as a business owner?

You'd be surprised how achievable that is, despite where your business is right now. You may be struggling with cash, trying to keep on top of it all, lacking time and being needed, but that doesn't mean your future has to be the same.

You can take a different path, a learning path and be guided through a transformation and it doesn't begin with answers to your challenges, it begins with these questions...

What's the No.1 thing holding your business back right now?

Have you invested in learning to run a business?

There's no employee role you can have that prepares you for owning a business. If there was, it would be evident by a very high percentage of super successful business owners.

Business is a subject you can definitely learn and master various key ingredients.

The key ingredients of owning a super successful business, that can operate smoothly and profitably while you're away from it for 3 months are...
Build Your Vision - become very clear of what your life could be like in 2 to 5 years. Document it, dream about it and make it real in your own mind.Team Building and recruitment - building a dedicated, hard working team that can replace you in all your roles requires high level people skills. One very important part of those skills is being able to identify good attitude employees, before you hire them. Understanding attitudes is essential for building a great team. Love your business numbers. First you need to know the 6 essential business KPIs for sales, service and cash flow and then monitor them every week, and share them with your team. Develop a Business Growth Plan to double your business profits, and understand how that is achievable using specific strategies applied to your 7 business growth KPIs\Systems for Profit Growth. You're definitely going to need digitised systems for your business, and videos are the best form of systems. Learning which ones you need, how to create and collate them for onboarding is essential to leverage your know-how into your team.Sales and Marketing - learning the advanced marketing secrets that attract high price paying clients, who you then sell to using rapport empowers you to sell at higher prices than competitors to build surplus cash in the bank.Management to Leverage Yourself. You'll need to put in place a 3-ingredient 'structure' for your business, to manage and inspire your team to achieve more, without your supervision - that's how you obtain true business freedom, where working becomes optional.
These 7 points are all learnable in just 8 months. Learning these areas can totally transform your business in 6 to 12 months, setting your business up to increase profits, without increasing advertising at all.

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  . 18 (Xinhua) -- Followin
Posted by: tujue - Yesterday, 07:48 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Mr. Kevin Zwicker felt that something was wrong with his 2004 Chevy Suburban; no it?s wasn?t about the GM grilles but the speedometer when it indicated that he was traveling at 10 mph even though he was driving at or near the speed limit on Interstate 5.

Mr. Zwicker?s speedometer has failed completely in April 2006 but unfortunately General Motors refused to replace the defective speedometer stating that the truck was no longer covered by the three-year T.J. Tynan Jersey , 36,000 mile warranty period. Mr. Zwicker has purchased an extended warranty which he paid $100 for a new speedometer and not the regular price of $400 to $500.

Mr. Zwicker who is currently living in Snohomish is the lead plaintiff in a federal lawsuit seeking damages on behalf of other people who also have complaints about their GM vehicles. The lawsuit which was filed last week in the US District Court in Seattle is sufficient to cover complaints of all Washington residents who purchased GM trucks and sport utility vehicles from 2003 to 2007 and who, like Mr. Zwicker need to have their defective speedometers replaced.

Mr. Zwicker has commented that although he is an experienced and careful driver he is uncomfortable to drive not knowing how fast you are going. ?I don?t think it?s fair that a major manufacturer such as GM can let something like this go by and not give it some serious thought.?

An almost similar suit was filed this week at the US District Court in Oregon by John Hall who said that he has paid $427.50 in January just to fix the defective speedometer of his 2003 GMC Envoy LE. According to Beth Terrell, an attorney with the Seattle law firm of Tousley Brain Stephens who is representing Hall and Zwicker, the lawsuits in Washington and Oregon are both seeking class-action status. The suits currently cover are five Chevrolet models namely and Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, and Trailblazer; and four GMC models?Denali, Envoy, Sierra, and Trailblazer; plus a Cadillac Escalade.

Terrell said that additional suits may soon follow in other states but at present there is no plan in consolidating the cases into a single national suit against General Motors. ?We think it makes sense to prosecute GM in each state on behalf of that state?s residents.?

According to GM?s spokeswoman, the company will not issue any official statement regarding the alleged lawsuits filed against it until it has seen these lawsuits. The lawsuit filed on behalf of Zwicker is asking for three types of compensation and these are:

1. replacement of all defective speedometers of affected models
2. reimbursement for those who has spent to have their defective speedometer replaced
3. reimbursement for those who have paid speeding tickets caused by the defective speedometers
4. reimbursement for those whose insurance rates have increased as a result of the speeding tickets caused by GM?s defective speedometer

The legal filing includes quotes from 19 complaints which are posted on the web sites of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other sites that feature the alleged problems with GM speedometers. US District Judge John Coughenour has been assigned on the case and will decide whether to certify the lawsuit as a class-action.


RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 18 (Xinhua) -- Following are the results of men's 200m final at the Rio Olympic Games here on Thursday:

1. Usain Bolt, Jamaica, 19.78

2. Andre De Grasse, Canada, 20.02

3. Christophe Lemaitre, France, 20.12

4. Adam Gemili, Britain, 20.12

5. Churandy Martina, Netherlands, 20.13

6. Lashawn Merritt, United States, 20.19

7. Alonso Edward, Panama, 20.23

8. Ramil Guliyev, Turkey, 20.43

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Whenever you determine to create a purchase from a dealer of carsales in Melbourne, do ask for the essential documents like registration certificate, history record, servicing records, insurance papers etc. From these documents you can uncover critical data about the car’s past and be sure that you are generating a legal buy.
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  d I highlight them o
Posted by: tujue - Yesterday, 07:29 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Donald Trump will travel to Asia in November for the first time since becoming president Connor Hellebuyck Jersey , stopping in Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines on a trip expected to be dominated by the North Korea nuclear threat.

Joined by his wife Melania, Trump will travel Nov. 3-14. His visit will include attending two major summits, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Vietnam and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations conclave in the Philippines.
  President Trump pauses as he speaks with reporters during his arrival at the White House from Indianapolis. REUTERS
Trump’s visit to China will reciprocate a trip to the United States made in April by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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Quite a few significant companies are willing to spend great capital for your opinion on their merchandise. Take into consideration it they can do some investigation with their buyers ahead of bringing a product out. There likelihood of achievement is significantly higher that they are going to have a profitable profit.

So now that we realize exactly where the funds comes from lets move on to how 1 finds which organizations to complete business with, mainly because there are several firms that may waste your time and spend you nothing. The most beneficial technique in my opinion is by either performing a great deal of key study or acquiring a reputable business that has completed the perform for you. You’ll ficPaid Consumer Surveys database businesses. It is easier to research a few of these than the hundreds of paid survey company that are at the moment on the market.

Quite a few Function at Property internet sites have established themselves with precise pages highlighting paid survey directory companies. This has been done for the reason that there was a want and so people today could get aid sifting through the hundreds and hundreds of providers which are out there for my guests. Time is capital and numerous of the organizations I’ve on my website charge a modest fee for access to their database. On line paid survey databases aren’t free. Paid Consumer Surveys database firms charge about $35 – $60 for their paid surveys directory. Once more the time you save and the coaching you get is well worth the modest fee and I’m glad my wife and I chose to utilize 1 of these organizations. My wife basically does that side of our business.

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Una guida locale è elenco di ristoranti in una determinata area. Può essere la forma di un libro o un catalogo, e può anche essere trovate online. E 'd'uso di immenso per i viaggiatori-turisti e viaggiatori d'affari in quanto dà loro l'idea di vari ristoranti della zona e li aiuta a fare le scelte migliori in un modo piuttosto semplice e veloce.

Ristorante guide sono di diversi tipi. Ci sono quelli che sono indicati in ordine alfabetico contenente i nomi dei ristoranti in una zona. Poi ci sono alcuni che sono disposti sulla base o tipi di alimenti che servono. Qualcuno cerca di una pizzeria a Roma, deve andare alla pagina che elenca le cucine di partenza con l'alfabeto P e là per la pasta parola di conoscere vari ristoranti a Roma che servono pasta.

Alcune guide di ristoranti fornire un elenco di cucine paese specifico. Se siete alla ricerca di cibo italiano, si andrà alla pagina iniziale con I e non ci si troverebbero i ristoranti che servono la cucina italiana. Analogamente, vi sono guide per i ristoranti cucina regionale troppo. Una guida ristorante tipico a Roma conterrà un elenco di ristoranti che servono cucina abruzzese, cucina toscana, specialità romane come "bucatini all'amatriciana 'e il' agnello romana e cucine locali di tutte le altre regioni italiane.

è inoltre possibile trovare guide ai ristoranti che forniscono un elenco di ristoranti sulla base del loro ambiente, caldo, elegante, tranquillo, o forte, romantica, formale, freddo e casual, e così via; bilancio-lusso, moderato, economico e localizzazione -all'interno della città. Cheap NHL Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys From China   Wholesale Jerseys Online   Cheap Jerseys China Online   Cheap Jerseys From China   Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping   Cheap Sports Jerseys   Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys   Cheap NCAA Hockey Jerseys   Cheap Basketball Jerseys

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  will make unpackin
Posted by: tujue - Yesterday, 07:13 AM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Whether your mate owes you just a bit of cash Ryan McDonagh Rangers Jersey , you intend to acquire a clock from some sort of online auction site, or you need to top-up your prepaid labeling service, Paypal lets people transfer and receive money for goods and products and services – all online.

?? Via Phone: You are able to cheap calls to society and also pay for that calls via phone. Many popular services permit you to dial an access number to make use of your debit or bank card to prepay over the unit. This option might be the easiest.

These are just a couple ways you can add money to all your prepaid account to get cheap calls to destinations internationally. Knowing that there are methods of cash payments as well as debit and credit card transactions can make you feel confident you could call abroad any instance, without the worry of finding a huge phone bill.
Together with the rise of E-commerce, a great number of are attracted to and find easy the use of online services for plan tasks like bill monthly payments etc. a latest trend could be the increase in the dealings of online prepaid recharge while using the comfort of recharge located at ones convenience.

Through mobile or portable top up, the prepaid cell mobile is recharged by simply paying through internet business banking or mobile banking. One can increase the talk effort of prepaid mobile by this process. This facility is available for GSM and also CDMA prepaid phones. Thus, no longer does one will need to physically visit the stores for buying recharge voucher. This can be carried out online through e-recharge or perhaps electronic recharge.

There will be no additional charges regarding recharging online.

Some important points are to be kept in mind for the purpose of online mobile recharge. This facility is accessible only for Prepaid Cellular phones. You have to enter the proper mobile number. Always visit genuine and reliable online websites for online recharging. Do not perform recharge operations from just any site that you observe. Also, it is advisable with an online recharge done through the official websites of the service provider. This will ensure a safeguarding of important information about your bank account number or credit card account details.

This merger of telecommunication and technology has triggered an easier, quicker and better effectual way of recharging mobile devices. So indulge, don’t be that is left behind.
With the advancement of telecommunication technological innovation, many new ways of communication attended up. Changing pace of time has increased the requirement for calling world-wide. Gone are the days when people would always use landlines to make a worldwide calls as it can be a very costly affair involving a heavy expenditure. This prevents callers to go for lengthy conversation. Thus, if you do not want these expense to become a cause of difference between you and your family members, then switch on for the cheap phone cards. This is most effective make long distance calling. It not only helps providing calls in the cheap price but in addition offer quality service. Fx these cards, you could make an international call as a result of any phone – a landline or a mobile.

There exists two different kinds of phone cards; pre-paid and also post-paid.
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Good Travel Tips That Every person Need to Follow

All of us enjoys touring. Viewing and enduring new factors can be thrilling. All vacations and excursions need to be planned nicely. A traveler who is unprepared can encounter a whole lot of complications. If you want some recommendations on how make your subsequent holiday a lot more fulfilling, examine on.

When packing for a trip, group your garments and pack each group in a distinct plastic bags. This will make unpacking less difficult. You basically get each bag and put it in a drawer when you reach your destination. It can also help to guard your outfits if nearly anything must spill in your suitcase.


Touring in teams can be a great way to have more pleasurable and to also preserve dollars. If you are touring with individuals that you are close to than you can share resort rooms which can significantly cut again on the cost that you can count on to pay per night time.

Do not take unsolicited assistance from lieu and strangers at face appeal. If a “concerned” local tells you with no prompting that an attraction you want to take a look at is closed or your hotel is booked up, question it. It may be an endeavor to divert guests to an additional spot. Even if they were telling the fact, practically nothing is harm by checking for on your own.

When doing hotel reservations, get your ideal offer on the net and then check specifically with the hotel to see if they can offer you an even better offer, as this can help you save you income. At times individual lodges have specials or offers that do not seem on the internet, but a phone call can make you aware of them.

Make confident you seriously will need that automobile prior to renting one particular when you travel. A lot of of the world’s cities have excellent manifeste transportation that is significantly less costly than dealing with car travel. Also, the trouble of parking a vehicle can be tense in large cities and incredibly expensive, even parking at the resort.


If you are a person who suffers from seasickness, but dying to go on a cruise, ebook a cabin on the lowest amount of the ship feasible. In rough seas, the cabins in the direction of the top of the ship experience the most sum of motion whilst these under the h2o-line te. Wholesale Jerseys From China   Wholesale Custom NHL Jerseys   Wholesale NCAA College Jerseys   Cheap Under Armour Womens Shoes   Cheap Under Armour Shoes   Cheap Under Armour Kids Shoes   Cheap Under Armour Youth Shoes   Cheap Under Armour Boys Shoes   Cheap Air Huarache Sale   Cheap Air Huarache Mens

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  fter his 2013 season with the White Sox wwas sho
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BOSTON - Rick Porcello didnt hesitate when asked to recall memories of pitching in Fenway Park. Danny Salazar Jersey .In his rookie season, he hit Bostons Kevin Youkilis in the back with the first pitch of the second inning.There it is, said Porcello, smiling about the question. Getting thrown out in the second inning my rookie year. Getting charged by Kevin Youkilis. That was definitely one of them.Youkilis charged the mound during the confrontation in 2009, threw his helmet at the right-hander and tackled him. Both were ejected.Porcello, who turns 26 on Dec. 27, was introduced Friday after the Red Sox acquired him from the Detroit Tigers last week for outfielder Yoenis Cespedes and two minor league pitchers.Porcello had other Fenway memories, too.During a September start in Bostons run to the 2013 World Series title, he lasted just five-plus innings, getting tagged for nine runs and seven hits — three homers — during a 20-4 loss. He fared much better last season, going eight solid innings in a victory over the Red Sox.For whatever reason, I had a couple of rough starts here and last year I broke through in this ballpark and had a quality start, he said. That was a nice game for me. I had a lot of my family here. I just remember that one for some reason. Its funny, my first year and my last year were my two most memorable moments Ive had in this ballpark to this point.During his 2013 outing, David Ortiz homered to collect his 1,999th career hit. Ortiz hit No. 2,000 off a reliever two innings later.Im definitely happy that I dont have to worry about balls sailing over my head off Ortizs bat, thats for sure, Porcello said. Its going to be a lot of fun. Watching these guys in 2013, when we were competing against them in the playoffs and the fire that they had and everything they had going on in this clubhouse, Im thrilled to be a part of it.Porcello is coming off his best season when he went 15-13 with a 3.43 ERA in 32 starts. He was picked up to help bolster Bostons staff after Jon Lester passed on returning to the Red Sox, signing a $155-millon, six-year deal with the Chicago Cubs.Porcello will be part of a new rotation after Boston also acquired left-hander Wade Miley from Arizona for Rubby De La Rosa and Allen Webster and infielder Raymel Flores. The Red Sox also signed free agent right-hander Justin Masterson.The three likely will join Joe Kelly and Clay Buchholz in a rotation that seems without a true No. 1 starter.I think you have to have five aces, Porcello said. Each one of us has to have pride in their job.Porcello was part of loaded rotation in Detroit last season that included Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, David Price and Anibal Sanchez.I think watching each of them go about their business, theres something you can learn from everybody, he said. Max is a very analytical guy that talks a lot about pitch selection. Justin is a bulldog, a competitor on the mound. You learn a lot watching his competitiveness. Theres definitely things you can learn from everybody. Omar Vizquel Jersey . Goins is the early favourite to win the starting job at second base. Pillar is an outsider to secure a role off the bench, which becomes an even more difficult spot to win if the number of back up jobs is reduced by one. That happens if the Blue Jays decide to start the season with an eight man bullpen. Ricky Vaughn Jersey . Karlovic of Croatia used his big serve to beat Jiri Vesely of the Czech Republic 7-6 (6), 7-6 (7). Kohlschreiber had lost all of his three previous matches against Istomin but the German broke serve for a decisive 3-2 lead in the third set and held on to reach his first final of the year. http://www.indiansteamproshop.com/Indian...ds-Jersey/ . -- The Minnesota Vikings released reserve cornerback A.ATLANTA - Right-hander Gavin Floyd was activated from the disabled list on Sunday and will start on Tuesday against St. Louis as a replacement for Ervin Santana, who has swelling below his right thumb. Santana, a right-hander, said he jammed the thumb on an inside pitch from Cincinnatis Homer Bailey on April 25. He said the thumb felt fine after that game. He said he had swelling on his hand below the thumb in his last start against the Marlins on Wednesday. Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said Santana is expected to miss only one start. Gonzalez said he tentatively expects Santana to start on Saturday against the Cubs. Santana said the swelling is improving each day. He said hes never had a similar injury. "No, this is my first time hitting," he said with a smile. Santana played in the American League with the Angels and Kansas City before signing a one-year deal with the Braves. Santana, 3-0 with a 2.41 ERA, had a light wrap on his right hand on Sunday. The Braves optioned left-handed reliever Ian Thomas to Triple-A Gwinnett, clearing a roster spot for Floyd. Santanas injury temporarily clears a spot for Floyd in the rotation. When Santana returns, Gonzalez faces another difficult decision only days after moving David Hale to the bullpen to clear a rotation spot for left-hander Mike Minor. "We always talk about how it will take care of itself," Gonzalez said. "It will take care of itself for a week, and then well make a decision. Were not going to go with a six-man rotation." Floyd signed a one-year, $4 million deal with the Braves in December after his 2013 season with the White Sox wwas shorted by an elbow injury. Jim Thome Jersey. He had surgery last May to repair the ulnar collateral ligament and a torn flexor muscle in his right elbow. At the time of the surgery, there were projections that Floyds rehabilitation would last longer than a year. "I just went out and did all the work I had to do and did all the things I could," Floyd said. "A year later, Im active and healthy and real happy about that. "Im excited about pitching and excited to get out there Tuesday and after that what happens will be dealt with." The rotation includes Santana, Minor, Julio Teheran, Alex Wood and Aaron Harang. Gonzalez said this week he doesnt want to move Wood, a left-hander, to the bullpen — at least not immediately. Gonzalez kept that option open for later in the season as the team might need to limit Woods innings. Harang had the NLs best ERA before giving up nine runs in a loss to the Marlins in his last start. Floyd, 31, has a 70-70 career record with Philadelphia and the White Sox. His best season came in 2008, when he was 17-8 with a 3.84 ERA with Chicago. He hasnt won more than 12 games or had an ERA under 4.00 since 2008. Thomas was 1-1 with a 4.26 ERA in 10 games. Gonzalez said he wants Floyd to work as a starter at Gwinnett so he can develop his slider. "Its hard to work on your secondary pitches when its second and third and youre facing Bryce Harper," Gonzalez said, referring to the typical situation Thomas faces as a reliever in the major leagues. The move leaves Luis Avilan as the Braves only left-handed reliever. Avilan is 3-1 with a 7.04 ERA. ' ' '

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  ned to shoot only 38 per cent at home against Indiana in the opening two rounds, aver
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MONTREAL - The University of Montreal Carabins almost let it slip away, but they have booked their ticket to the Vanier Cup game. Ryan Smyth Jersey .Gabriel Cousineau passed for 421 yards, with a pair of touchdown tosses to Mikhail Davidson, as the Carabins downed the underdog Manitoba Bisons 29-26 in the Uteck Bowl before a boisterous sellout crowd of 5,100 at CEPSUM stadium on Saturday afternoon.Cousineau also ran in a TD while Louis-Philippe Simoneau had a field goal and the defence forced two safeties.Montreal will play in its first Canadian Inter-university Sport national final, the Vanier Cup game, next Saturday at Percival Molson Stadium against the winner of the Mitchell Bowl between McMaster and Mount Allison.There was so much noise, said Cousineau, the fourth-year quarterback who was named player of the game. We were so proud to play in front of our fans.Jordan Yantz threw a pair of TD passes to Matt Sawyer and ran one in himself for Manitoba. Ryan Jones added a field goal. The Bisons had three interceptions to give them 12 in three post-season games.And the Bisons, who went 4-4 in the regular season but then upset the Saskatchewan Huskies and Calgary Dinos to win the Canada West conference, threw a major scare into Montreal on their final drive.Trailing 29-24, Yantz completed passes on five straight plays to get the ball to the Montreal 12 with less than a minute to play. But the Carabins defence tightened up, taking away the short side plays Yantz had been using at will.And then Anthony Coady forced Yantz to fumble and Byron Archambault grabbed the ball to end the threat. Montreal conceded a safety on the final play to make it 29-26.Mental toughness, Montreal coach Danny Maciocia said of the final stand. Probably the teams Ive coached here in the past may have succumbed to that pressure down the stretch, but this one never stopped believing. They got in there and got it done.It was a heartbreaker for Yantz.I thought it was right there, he said. I was ready to throw the ball and someone hit me from behind and it fell out of my hand.I saw Nic (Demski) in the end zone. It was a perfect play call. It just didnt go our way. It hurts to lose, but we came here and we had a good season. Congrats to Montreal.Yantz completed 22 of 35 passes for 320 yards and two touchdowns, and also rushed for 61 yards.Cousineau was 24 for 35 for a team record 421 and two TDs.Three Manitoba receivers had 80 or more receiving yards: Dustin Peterson, Zach Regert and Sawyer. Montreals Davidson caught five balls for 142 yards while Philip Enchill grabbed four for 108.Bisons coach Brian Dobie tipped his hat to both quarterbacks.I thought the two quarterbacks were by far the two best players on the field, said Dobie. Gabriel Cousineau had an incredible game. He just kept making throws. Hes got champion written all over him.Jordan Yantz was money. He was so good. It was a game of quarterbacks and they both put their teams in position to win the game.Cousineau was sacked on the first play from scrimmage, but on the next found Davidson behind the defence for an 89-yard touchdown.The Carabins picked up a single on the ensuing kickoff, but Yantz marched Manitoba back on a nine-play drive capped by an eight-yard TD pass to Sawyer.Montreal answered with Cousineaus 14 yard TD pass to Davidson and a 40-yard Louis-Philippe Simoneau field goal.A Mitchell Harrison interception put the ball on the Montreal 41 and, three plays later, Yantz hit Sawyer with a 30-yard TD toss 2:22 into the second quarter.Ryan Jones left a 49-yard field goal attempt short and Cousineau responded by completing three long tosses to the Manitoba six. Then he ran it in himself on a draw at 12:12.But the Bisons werent done, as Yantz scored on a 10-yard scramble with at 14:15 to close the gap to 27-21 at halftime.The Carabins picked up their second safety of the day for the only third quarter scoring as the game turned into a defensive struggle in the second half.They adjusted in the second half, said Cousineau. They got us out of our game plan a bit, but once again, our defence was amazing.A late drive set up Regerts 40-yard boot with 2:12 left to play. The receiver and punter had limped off the field favouring his right knee after making a catch over the middle in the second quarter, but he returned in the second half.The Carabins have won 10 games in a row since dropping their regular-season opener. They claimed a first Quebec Conference title last week with a second victory in a three-week span against the top-ranked Laval Rouge et Or.Maciocia was not pleased that Yantz was able to dance away from the pass rush all afternoon and said it may have been because the Carabins practised indoors most of the week due to bad weather.We werent able to be as physical as we wanted, he said. Thats something we want to address because we have to be a better tackling team if we have any aspirations of winning next week.Still, he was ecstatic with the victory and was mobbed by the family, including his three daughters, on the field after the game.I had the good fortune to win two Grey Cups with the Edmonton Eskimos (as offensive co-ordinator in 2003 and as head coach in 2005), said Maciocia. Im a proud Montrealer and Quebecer and Ive always said if theres a way I can win a championship in Montreal, it would rank up there with those Grey Cups. Benoit Pouliot Jersey . -- Chris Crawford hit a 3-pointer with 1:36 left to put Memphis ahead to stay, and the 21st-ranked Tigers beat seventh-ranked Louisville 72-66 Saturday, sweeping the season series from the Cardinals. Jari Kurri Jersey . -- Jacksonvilles offensive makeover is just getting starting. http://www.hockeyoilersshop.com/boyd-gordon-jersey/ .C. - Alberta prop Andrew Tiedemann will captain Canada against Uruguay on Friday, the opening day of competition at the IRB Americas Rugby Championship.MIAMI -- Indianas Paul George will play in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals, which comes as no surprise to the Miami Heat. They were expecting him there all along. The Pacers announced Friday night that George has been cleared "to return to normal basketball activity," a decision made three days after he was concussed in Game 2 of the Indiana-Miami series. "Barring any unforeseen complications, he will play" on Saturday in Miami, the Pacers said. So that settled one lineup issue. The Heat now have a lineup decision to make. Greg Oden -- whose last post-season appearance was April 30, 2009 -- may be inserted into the Heat rotation after showing Miamis coaches in recent days that back issues that slowed him down for weeks may finally be a thing of the past. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra suggested that Oden "could" get some minutes, which would almost certainly come against Indiana centre Roy Hibbert. "If coach needs me, Im ready to play," Oden said. "Im definitely ready whenever he needs me." The series is tied at a game apiece, with Miami grabbing the home-court edge away by rallying for an 87-83 win at Indianapolis in Game 2. The teams have been off since, which figures to be a blessing of sorts for the Pacers -- who had several players limping and ailing late in that game, with Georges concussion the most notable malady. The back of Georges head was struck by Dwyane Wades knee as both were trying to get control of a loose ball during the fourth quarter of that game. George remained in the game but was basically a non-factor the rest of the way, and Miami owned the final minutes. The concussion came to light only after George revealed postgame that he briefly "blacked out." "I probably should have kept that to myself," George said. "It just made a mess. Thats something that, going forward, just keep that between myself and the training staff." The Heat never even considered the possibility that George wouldnt play in Game 3. "Why wouldnt he?" Heat star LeBron& James asked. Edmonton Oilers Jerseys. Wade said he wanted to see George out there, because competitors always want to play against the best, particularly at this time of year. And in these playoffs, no one has looked better on the road -- especially defensively -- than the Pacers, who still havent won even two consecutive home games in this post-season but have won five in a row away from home. Atlanta and Washington combined to shoot only 38 per cent at home against Indiana in the opening two rounds, averaging just 84.8 points per game. The Pacers havent exactly been offensive juggernauts in those games, averaging 90.7 points themselves, but the airtight defence was enough for Indiana to save its season by winning elimination games in both matchups. "We played at a high level in the Washington series, and those last two against Atlanta when we were down in the series, we played with great desperation," Pacers coach Frank Vogel said. "Our guys take pride in their defence. Thats probably why you see those numbers." Then again, the Heat present a bit more of a challenge than the Hawks and Wizards. "I dont know if the home court really matters right now in the playoffs," Spoelstra said. "Its more about your collective disposition, and youre imposing that identity on the other team. I think either team could win home or away." Miami is 5-0 at home in the post-season, winning by an average of 10 points per game and shooting nearly 50 per cent from the floor. Going back to last season, the Heat have won eight straight playoff games in their own building and since James joined the club theyre 35-7 at home during the post-season. Among those seven losses? The Pacers won at Miami in both 2012 and 2013. And thats why Miami knows having the home-court edge now hardly assures a series win. "Both teams can win on each others floor. Weve proven that the last couple years," James said. "We have to protect our home, but we cant go out there saying that just because were back home we get automatic wins. Weve got to play." ' ' '

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  ulson was expendable in Buffalo because he was in the final year of his contract. And
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The Winnipeg Jets look to put an end to the Los Angeles Kings five game winning streak tonight with a 6pm ct face off at MTS Centre. Alex Goligoski Jersey . The (30-26-7) Jets have earned five of a possible six points in their last three games and enter tonight with 67 points.? They trail Dallas by one point for a Western Conference Wild Card playoff spot. ?Phoenix, who also has 67 points, lead Vancouver by one point.? The Canucks play in Dallas tonight while Phoenix hosts Montreal. Under Paul Maurice, the Jets record is 11-3-2, which translates to a .750 winning percentage.? Ondrej Pavelec will start in goal. Jets Projected Lines: Ladd-Little-Wheeler Kane-Jokinen-Byfuglien Setoguchi-Frolik-Halischuk Tangradi-Slater-Peluso Enstrom-Bogosian Stuart-Trouba Pardy-Ellerby Captain Andrew Ladd has scored three goals in his last two games. Jacob Trouba leads all rookie NHL defensemen with an average ice time of 22:04. Winnipeg recalled forward John Albert from the AHLs St. Johns IceCaps this morning on an emergency basis. The (35-22-6) Kings are third in the Pacific Division with 76 points.? Jonathan Quick will start in goal. Marian Gaborik makes his Los Angeles debut after being acquired yesterday from Columbus and will wear jersey number 12. Kings Projected Lines: Gaborik-Kopitar-Williams Brown-Richards-Carter King-Stoll-Toffoli Nolan-Lewis-Clifford Muzzin-Doughty Regehr-Voynov Mitchell-Martinez This is the second of three meetings between these teams.? Devin Setoguchi scored two goals and had an assist October 4th during the Jets home opener in a 5-3 win. ?Winnipegs lone visit to Staples Center will be March 29th. Thomas Steen Jersey . On Wednesday night, they showed that stellar defence and a little small ball can get the job done too. With pinch-runner Kevin Pillar aboard after Dioner Navarro opened the bottom of the ninth with a single, Anthony Gose dropped down an excellent bunt along the first-base line. Keith Tkachuk Jersey . Leaning forward with both hands on his knees, Buffon appeared to be resting or somehow trying to withstand the rain. Or perhaps the 36-year-old goalkeeper and Italy captain was reflecting on this: He is only the third player in history to be part of five World Cup squads, along with Germany great Lothar Matthaus and former Mexico goalkeeper Antonio Carbajal. http://www.authenticcoyotespro.com/Derek...es-jersey/ .com) - The Columbus Blue Jackets rewarded starting goaltender and pending restricted free agent Sergei Bobrovsky with a four-year contract extension on Friday.BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Sabres general manager Tim Murray couldnt get through explaining how popular Buffalo is as a free-agent destination without his cellphone ringing on Tuesday. Stopping in midsentence after making a flurry of moves in opening the NHLs signing period, Murray checked his phone, smiled and said: "I should take that call." He didnt. But the timing was perfect in emphasizing Murrays point. Whatever laughingstock reputation that Sabres established in being the leagues worst team last season certainly didnt reflect in how popular they were among established free agents. "It just shows you that there are quality players that want to come here," Murray said. "Ive thought that all along, but youre never sure until the clock hits 12. And there were more (interested) than what we got done." Overseeing his first free-agency frenzy since taking over in January, Murray added depth and experience to a young, patchwork roster that contributed to one of the Sabres worst seasons in franchise history. Buffalo (21-51-10) set a franchise record for losses and established a post-NHL-expansion-era low by scoring just 150 goals. In a matter of four hours, Murray changed the teams outlook by committing a combined $46.375 million in salaries to fill various leadership and offensive needs by signing four free agents, including former Montreal Canadiens captain Brian Gionta. He also acquired veteran defenceman Josh Gorges, who adjusted his no-trade clause to add Buffalo, in a deal with Montreal. And he also re-signed forward Marcus Foligno, a restricted free agent, to a two-year $3.75 million contract. "This changes the mindset is what it changes," Murray said. "I still dont consider us a contending team by any means. But now the players may think differently. And thats good." Though forward Matt Moulson, who signed a five-year, $25 million contract, was the Sabres priciest addition, Gionta was the centerpiece. At 35, Gionta is a consistent two-way forward and respected leader, whose presence is expected to resonate on a young and developing team. From nearby Rochester, Gionta signed a three-year, $12.75 million deal. Murray is already envisioning the impact Gionta can make among plaayers, including centre Sam Reinhart, who was selected with the No. Wayne Gretzky Jersey. 2 pick in the draft last weekend. "Yesterday, he was the captain of the Montreal Canadiens, a storied franchise, a playoff team. That wasnt a token title. That was real," Murray said of Gionta. "Theres something obviously intangible that you cant measure with a yard stick, with analytics, with anything like that, and he has it in spades." Gorges, a nine-year NHL veteran, also has leadership potential and is regarded as someone capable of grooming Buffalos young crop of blue-liners. "Hes heart and soul," said Murray, who gave up a 2016 second-round pick to acquire Gorges. "He blocks shots. Hes the type of player that can wear a letter. Hes definitely part of the leadership group." Moulson, a seven-year NHL veteran and a three-time 30-goal scorer, rejoins the Sabres after a brief four-month stint in Buffalo last season. Acquired by the Sabres in a trade that sent Thomas Vanek to the New York Islanders in October, Moulson was then dealt to the Minnesota Wild at the trade deadline in March. Moulson was expendable in Buffalo because he was in the final year of his contract. And yet he enjoyed his brief time with the team to come back. The Sabres also signed defenceman Andrej Meszaros to a one-year, $4.125 million contract, and gritty forward Cody McCormick to a three-year, $4.5 million deal. McCormick is a former Sabres player, who was traded in the deal with Moulson to Minnesota. As for Meszaros, hes a nine-year NHL veteran who has had difficulty finding his niche after splitting the past six seasons between three teams, including the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston Bruins last year. Murray, who previously worked for the Senators, is familiar with Meszaros from when the defenceman was in Ottawa. Murray believes the former first-round draft pick can regain the steady form he had in Ottawa, when he combined for 26 goals and 110 points in 246 games. The additions gave Murray reason to be hopeful regarding the teams future. "We can say its a team on the rise. People have to see that, Murray said, including the Sabres youngsters. "I think our kids are sitting at home, going, Wow!" ' ' ' 

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  ntinue to enjoy the greeat work of Rick Moffat a
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Ahead of the 112th clash of The Auld Enemy on Friday, Sky Sports presenter David Tanner recalls the sights… and smells… of his first sampling of the fixture. Brian Flynn Jersey . His memories of the landmark 100th meeting will last a lifetime. As a Glaswegian, I am very proud that international football was born in the same city as I was. It all began at the West of Scotland Cricket Clubs ground in Partick in November 1872. If you are a football fan and you ever visit Clydeside or, indeed, if you live there, you should make a pilgrimage there. Hamilton Crescent is largely unchanged since that first match when Glasgow was proudly known as the Second City of the British Empire.My own first experience of The Auld Enemy story was the 100th edition, some 110 years after that pioneering match. I was just 10 years old and such was the enormity of the event and the richness of the experience I can recall so much detail about that day in 1982. Paul Mariner found the target for England in their 1982 clash My father and I jumped in the familys Ford Escort estate and headed to the south side of Glasgow, via my grandparents house to collect my maternal grandfather. Next stop: Hampd… actually hold that thought; we didnt go anywhere on a Saturday until Id visited the sweetie shop! RS McColls in Springburn. My usual match-day snack was ½ lb of Kola Kubes and ½ lb of Pan Drops, weighed on scales and handed to me in an old-fashioned white paper poke. Id discover years later that when he founded his chain of newsagents, Robert Smyth McColl was a decorated Scotland international!  RS McColl scored 13 goals in 13 appearances - including a hat trick against The Auld Enemy at Celtic Park in 1901! His name can still be seen on high street convenience stores across the UK and his photograph hangs on the wall at the Scottish Football Museum as he is in the Hall of Fame - for services to football and more importantly the provision of Wham Bars, Dip Dabs, Candy Shrimps and Space Dust. He also kept me stocked up on The Beano and Roy of The Rovers, come to think of it.Despite the sugary diversion, we arrived early and parked near Mount Florida railway station. Although just a few hundred yards from the ground, it was very quiet with the only football-related activity being the street vendors setting up their stalls. Lion rampant flags with printed messages like Remember Bannockburn 1314 or unrepeatable comments about Jimmy Hill. More on Jimmy shortly…Lunch was the traditional Scottish pre-match meal. A curry. After Id finished my plain omelette and chips (cut me some slack - I was only 10 and Im a wee bit more adventurous now!), we ventured outside the Indian restaurant and onto Cathcart Road. The relative serenity of the pre-lunchtime period had been replaced by total chaos. Noise, noise and more noise. The first sound I was aware of was the steady clip-clop of the Strathclyde Police horses. The first smell I was aware of was also those horses… Then a louder banging - coming from a 37A Greater Glasgow PTE bus dropping off fans before it chuntered off in the direction of Castlemilk. The din coming from that one double decker would, I reckon, beat the atmosphere at most stadia during matches! We look back at the best goals from clashes between England and Scotland from the 1970s and 80s, when the rivals played each other regularly The first chant of the day came from a match magazine seller: Erz-a-feeshul-prog-ra-a-a-amme! For those of you not fluent in Glaswegian, the English translation is: Here is the official programme, chaps… Papa treated me to a copy (80 pence was over my weekly pocket money budget). I remember the cover - a tartan background with a photo of a fully outstretched Alan Rough in mid-air making a save…a manoeuvre that Roughy would forget to do when faced with a Zico free kick in Seville during the World Cup one month later!We then made the short walk down Letherby Drive, past Lesser Hampden, en route to its bigger and rather more famous neighbour. I was like an excited school boy - mainly because I was an excited school boy. Whenever I approach Hampden now, I visualise that scene and get the same feeling of exhilaration that the wee laddie experienced all those years ago. Nowadays, I take in games at the National Stadium from a wonderful vantage point in the Sky Sports studio but whenever I welcome the audience to our programme, I have a habit of referring to the wonderful history of that acre of land in Mount Florida, influenced by my mental snapshot of 82.Hampden attacked all the senses. The smell of drink filled the air. To be fair to Hampden, it seemed to me that much of Glasgow had a strong whiff of whisky and beer on Saturdays in those days. The old Hampdens tarmac urinals were something to behold, too, but some memories are best erased!Despite the smell of McEwans Export, this was actually the first dry clash of the Auld Enemy as Scottish football was taking, perhaps staggering, its first few sober steps into a new more civilised age. Alcohol had been banned at games in the wake of the Old Firm riot at Hampden two years earlier. That said, the wee man in the kilt that I saw berate Jimmy Hill as he entered the main door looked like hed had a fair few stiffeners…and not to be sociable. Fair play to Jimmy, he completely ignored the stick he was getting; the louder the wee fella got, the more Jimmy pretended that he couldnt here him! Quite a shirricking chuckled Papa. I remember being very impressed by Jims calmness under fire, he was the Tartan Armys least-favourite pundit of the era…and by some distance. I use that same nonchalant approach now…whenever I have to walk through a crowd alongside Andy Walker(!) Former Scotland manager Alex McLeish, who won 77 caps for his country - has mixed memories of Wembley both as a fan and as a player I remember vividly watching fans hiding their carry outs under bushes beside the red blaize (ash) pitch which sat outside the old main stand at Hampden. I read in the papers the following day that local residents sneaked out of their houses and grabbed all those hidden Agnews off-sales bags filled with cans of the golden stuff. You wouldnt be happy seeing Scotland lost to England and then discovering your secret bevvy plank had been pinched, would you?!I marvelled at the size of the crowd - the official attendance was 80,000 that day, though it would have been far greater as there was a tradition of youngsters being carried over the turnstiles. And that day I was one of them. The rusty revolving barriers were remarkably low and even with my wee legs it was remarkably easy to get up and over. Ironically, I was offered encouragement by the friendly turnstile operator. They didnt do jobsworths in hi-viz jackets in those days. It was to be the final big game that the old (and, by all accounts, creaking) North Stand perched up at the back of the enormous terracing would be occupied by fans. (When the North Stand was completed in 1937, the total capacity was 180,000! Hampden was the biggest football ground in the world until overtaken by the Maracanã in Rio which was constructed for the World Cup finals in 1950.)As 3pm approached, I found a great standing position leaning on the back of Jock Steins dugout in the old enclosure. From there I had a close up view of the teams when they marched out. As it was the landmark 100th meeting, captains Danny McGrain and Kevin Keegan didnt lead out the teams, instead, they had to follow two stars of the fixture in the 1940s and 50s, George Young and Tom Finney. My heroes Kenny Dalglish, Graeme Souness, Joe Jordan, John Robertson (a sub that day - what was Jock Stein thinking about?!) and (whisper it) Bryan Robson followed as the Hampden Roar filled the air. Former Scotland manager Craig Brown insists Scotland must stand up and be counted if theyre to get a result at Wembley against England The players managed to find some space on the pitch to line-up which was never easy in those days: the massed pipes and drums (over 200 bandsmen would be on duty) filled the middle third of the playing surface and created a wonderful din that added to the atmosphere. Now when I go to Hampden, the crowd seem stifled by loud dance music being blasted at them for no apparent reason. No offence to Daft Punk but give me the Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band any day. SFA please take note; imagine the emotions stirred by having an old-fashioned massed band on the pitch when England march out at Hampden on June the tenth.I remember the wonderful skirl of the pipes when the players lined up for the anthems - in those days it was Scotland the Brave - which always seems such a passionate and triumphal tune (even if nobody knew the words!) compared to the insipid folksong Flower of Scotland which has always seemed to me to set a downbeat tone since being adopted by the SFA in the late 1980s. When the brass band (significantly smaller in number!) struck up the English anthem Land of Hope and Glory I could hardly hear it above the jeers of the home support. I was also struck by the fact that there seemed to be a total absence of England fans in the ground.My dad told me in advance to look out for the dust rising from the ash-covered terracing when Scotland scored. Sadly, I didnt get to see that peculiar phenomenon as England won the game 1-0. It was a goal made in Ipswich. From a corner, Terry Butchers header hit the bar and Paul Mariner pounced to bury the rebound with club mate George Burley on the near post unable to get up in time. Ron Greenwoods boys left as winners of the British Home Championship with 3 wins out of 3. That success saw England draw level with Scotland on 39 wins each and, believe it or not, after trailing the Scots for over a century, it took the English until 1983 to overtake Scotland in the wins column. It took them a while, but they eventually got the hang of this great Scottish sport! Former Scotland manager Bobby Brown takes us through some of his countrys most memorable moments in fixtures against England in years gone by On the way home we listened to radios original football phone-in on Radio Clydes Super Scoreboard82 which was presented by my broadcasting heroes, Richard Park and Paul Cooney, with star pundit, the late James Sanderson, famous for his nasal tones and his eloquent put downs. Clydes coverage in those days was exceptional but I recall a very subdued feel about the coverage that night on good old 261. Even the normally upbeat Ian St John sounded lacked the effervescence he was famed for when played for Scotland and in his later TV career starring alongside Jimmy Greaves. Sanderson coined the radio catchphrase Where you at the match, caller? I had been that day and, despite the defeat, I was glad that I had been and I had seen.Papa died a couple of months later, on the day I started Primary 6, so it was the last time the three generations of my family went to a game together and so Im thankful that the day was so memorable.I had to wait until 1985 to see Scotland beat England. Dundee United right back Richard Gough headed the only goal of the game in torrential rain and skipper Graeme Souness of Sampdoria lifted the Sir Stanley Rous Cup at the end of it. My mum still has my ticket for the game; I climbed into the main stand to get it autographed by her favourite singer Rod Stewart! This is not behaviour I would encourage but the big police inspector who lowered me back into the enclosure congratulated me on my pluck… Roy Hodgson talks to David Tanner after Englands 3-1 win over Scotland in November 2014 Fast forward 29 years and I had the honour of being in the tunnel doing the interviews in Sky Sports live coverage in the most recent meeting of the nations. Before the game, I was met with a warm embrace by the England goalkeeper Fraser Forster with whom I had enjoyed a fantastic relationship when The Wall was with Celtic but despite that and being charmed by the politeness of Wayne Rooney, Roy Hodgson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Jack Wilshere in after-match interviews, I was as disappointed as I has been as a kid. I just didnt let it show until I got home!Can Scotland win at Wembley this year? Why not? England are hardly in a settled state at the moment. The power thats been missing in the Scots side during the campaign will be back with the return of Celtic captain Scott Brown, rejuvenated and fit under Brendan Rodgers. Im interested to see if and how Charlie Mulgrew will be used given the recent problems in central defence. I was pleased to see James Morrison start and score in West Broms win against champions Leicester at the weekend. Mossa has been a class act for Scotland for years and I reckon Gordon Strachan could feel he is ready to come back into the first 11.In the week that a lad from Dunblane has become the worlds number one tennis player and the son of Mary Anne MacLeod from the Isle of Lewis was voted President of the United States of America, anything is possible. And I mean anything!Gaun yersel, boys!!! Also See: England v Scotland preview Rooney captain against Scots England and Scotland XIs rated World Cup qualifiers on Sky Lucas Duda Jersey . Coming off a 6-0 drubbing at Chelsea on Saturday, Arsenal endured another demoralizing result after rallying for a 2-1 lead -- only to concede a fluke equalizer. Paulo Orlando Jersey .J. -- Fabian Johnson scored his first international goal and Clint Dempsey doubled the lead after a defensive lapse as the United States beat Turkey 2-1 Sunday in the second of three World Cup warm-up matches for the Americans before they head to Brazil. http://www.royalsteamproshop.com/Royals-...ds-Jersey/ . JOHNS, N. MONTRéAL (April 11, 2014) – For the first time ever, all major Montréal sports teams are on one station, as TSN Radio 690 in Montreal today announced a new multi-year broadcast rights agreement with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League (CFL). The Alouettes live game broadcasts move from sister station CJAD 800 to Montréals English-language all-sports station TSN 690, which will provide exclusive broadcast coverage of all Alouettes pre-season, regular season, and playoff games for at least the next three seasons. Montréalers can set their dial to AM 690, listen online at TSN.ca/Montreal, and tune in with the TSN GO app for live game broadcasts. The broadcast team is led by TSN 690 play-by-play commentator Rick Moffat, who is joined by analyst and former Alouettes offensive lineman Dave Mudge. Radio coverage of the Alouettes on TSN 690 complements TSNs extensive coverage of the CFL as the leagues official broadcaster. CFL ON TSNs acclaimed team of football experts deliver breaking news and in-depth analysis on the league throughout the season. "The Montreal Alouettes are thrilled to partner with TSN Radio 690. Its a natural partnership for our team and a station which has always offered Montréalers excellent coverage of the Alouettes," said Montreal Alouettes President and C.E.O. Mark Weightman. "Furthermore, Alouettes fans will also continue to enjoy the greeat work of Rick Moffat and Dave Mudge on game days. Joakim Soria Jersey. ." TSN 690 also delivers extensive coverage of the Alouettes with THE ALS THIS WEEK, a weekly show hosted by Sean Campbell and Mitch Gallo airing Monday evenings at 7 p.m. ET. The show features news reports, player profiles, and regular interviews with Alouettes General Manager Jim Popp throughout the season. The stations expanded coverage of the Alouettes also includes live broadcasts and news reports from the teams training camp, the home opener, the CFL Draft, and the 2014 CFL Hall of Fame Induction Weekend, which takes place in Montréal. “The Montreal Alouettes have a winning tradition and a passionate fan base, and TSN 690 is proud to be the exclusive home of all their games,” said Chris Bury, Program Director, TSN Radio 690. “With comprehensive live coverage of the Alouettes, Canadiens, and Impact, this agreement makes TSN 690 the undisputed home of professional sports in Montréal.” The Alouettes join TSN 690s packed schedule of live broadcast coverage, which includes every Montreal Canadiens game, the Montreal Impact, THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, Sunday afternoon NFL action, THE MASTERS, the Barclays Premier League, the NCAA? MARCH MADNESS? Final Four, ESPNs SUNDAY NIGHT BASEBALL, and exclusive rights to the GREY CUP and IIHF WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIP. ' ' '

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