Realms of Esstia

Fantasy Minecraft Server

About Us

A dynamic fantasy nation RolePlay experience akin to the likes of Game of Thrones and Skyrim. We aim to provide an experience that includes a fantastic community, dynamic features whereby you can create an Empire or even a global company. The limit truly is up to you. Roleplay


Think the intrigue of Game of Thrones. Think the mystery of Skyrim. Think the grandesque battles of Lord of the Rings. As a server we pride ourselves on a dynamic of fun RP, not hardcore so that it becomes boring and too realistic, but enjoyable and enticing.


Survival-based Minecraft with nations. We promise both a fantastic base MC experience with tons of features. Why not lead a nation and create your own history? Create a company and dominate the economy.


We place a strong emphasis on community, starting from the get go. Get to know your local tavernkeep, the general of the armies and grow into a community more expansive than you could ever imagine.